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"Each dog comes with their own personality and quirks that we don't want to take away. Building a foundation of skills and communication will give you and your dog a trusting relationship, and will help them fit into your family as you continue to form a lifelong bond with them.

It is my hope that by helping you with your dogs, you are able to enjoy your time with them even more."

Kristina Ince-Blind, 



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My Story


My passion for animals started as a child - I was constantly finding them, bringing them home, and training any that lived with us. I have always wanted to work with animals and help others to understand them better.

My career began in 2010 when I rescued a puppy, Chica, who was a little more on the wild side than I had hoped. I became increasingly interested in behaviour and ways to help her be a happy and well mannered dog.  I decided a career change was the best way to help her and myself!


I started in a dog day school where I was able to work with groups of dogs and gain an understanding of dog body language and communication. Shortly after starting I enrolled and completed the Dogma Certified Behaviour Consultant program, where I studied dogs and dog behaviour in depth for 16 months. I progressed into several different roles in over 10.5 years, and loved working with all the new puppies and helping them learn skills and manners. Having Chica as a dog who was fear-reactive, however, I really found my niche working with more complex behaviours including dog to dog interactions

As a dog trainer, continued education has always been a priority for me. I have obtained both my CPDT-KA and my CPDT-KSA, and am a Certified Fear Free Trainer. I have also attended several dog training conferences both in person and online with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

The learning never stops!


After 9 years working with dogs I took some time off to welcome my son into the world! I was fascinated with observing his behaviour and watching him develop, but was still eager to get back in with the dogs.

Returning to work was amazing but over time I realized that perhaps the environment was not for me, especially as I wanted to grow my family more. When the Covid-19 pandemic came, the choice was made for me and I was released from my position. During this time I was actually pregnant and had baby number two on the way! The timing was just what I needed to reassess my career and family goals and start putting my dream in to action

Now my daughter is one year old and I am excited to be opening this new chapter. Dogs (and animals in general) are my passion and am thrilled to be offering my services to the community

I currently share my home with my husband, Jose, my son and daughter and our two cats. 



Training a pet requires that you be consistent, patient and accurate with your timing. At Whole Brain K9 we are ready to help your whole family understand the fundamentals of dog training and how best to work with your dog.


We use science-based behavioural theory and humane principles with a kind approach. We work with both adult dogs and puppies that are exuberant, fearful and reactive, or just need some obedience, manners and socialization. 

When you work with Whole Brain K9, you can have the confidence to know that you are working with a seasoned and certified professional dog trainer, with 11+ years of personal & professional training experience. 

Dogs are family, and we want to make sure that they fit into our lifestyle. We have a variety of training options to fit your needs.

At Whole Brain K9 we don't just focus on training, but also everything that your dog needs to be a well rounded K9 family member! We will help you learn how to keep your dogs 'Whole Brain" Happy. 


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